Names That Mean Small

Yorkies are small- there’s no question about that! In size anyway: we all know that inside that little body is the heart and personality of a giant! So here are some lists that have Yorkie names that mean ‘small’:

Names That Mean Small

The first list are people names that mean ‘small’. In fact, there aren’t many of these at all, and a couple of them are a bit of a stretch (like Heather, Teal and Wren: these are all small plants or creatures rather than truly having the meaning ‘small’). However, the list may appeal, or may get your mind thinking about other small creatures, plants or items that have a name that might suit your Yorkie…

NameMeaningMale or Female?
BrookeSmall StreamFemale
HeatherSmall Flowering ShrubFemale
PaolaItalian, Spanish derivation of male 'Paul': Female
PaulineFeminine derivative of Paul: Small, littleFemale
TealSmall DuckFemale
WrenSmall songbirdFemale
DewayneVariation of Dwayne: small and darkMale
DuaneVariation of Dwayne: small and darkMale
DwayneSmall and DarkMale
PabloSpanish variation of Paul: SmallMale
PaulSmall, littleMale
VaughanDerivation of Welsh 'bychan': smallMale
VaughnVariation of Vaughan: smallMale

Words That Mean Small

This second list is much more fun: it is a list of words sourced from the Thesaurus, all synonyms of ‘small’. I added a couple myself (Sharkbait, from Disney Pixar’s ‘Finding Nemo’, and Minnie): and I’m sure there are lots of nicknames that could be added to the list- I just need your help !!

AtomBantamBitty, Bittie
GnomishHalf-PintItty-Bitty, Itsy-Bitsy
MinuteMicroMini, Minnie
SubatomicTeentsy, Teensy, TeenyWeeny, Weensy
Teensy-Weensy, Teeny-Weeny

Small Things: Insects

This final table lists a few insect-types whose names might be suitable for a Yorkie puppy.


Please feel free to make a few suggestions: these lists don’t yet please me- I’m sure there are a lot more names that could be aded!!

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