Names Meaning ‘Wise’ for your Male Yorkie

This list of ‘Wise’ names comes from a variety of sources, and they each have slightly different meanings, all associated with being wise or knowing.

There are several German contributions. Conrad means ‘bold advisor’, Rainer means ‘wise army’ and Raymond means ‘wise protector’. Redmond is the Irish variation of Raymond and means the same thing. Two names on the list are of English origin: Alden refers to an ‘old, wise friend’- a great name for a puppy to grow into! Alfred means ‘wise counsellor’.

The Latin language has made two contributions to this list: Cato (‘all-knowing’) and Sage (‘wise and knowing’). Solon is from the Greek, meaning ‘the wise one’. Aldo is Italian (from the German) and means ‘old and wise’.

As well as Redmond, the Irish give us Conroy ‘wise’, and Shanahan ‘the wise one’.

And apparently the Scandanavian Elvis means ‘all-wise’.

If you know of any other male names that mean wise, please share and I will add them to the list!

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